About Core Lab

Core lab: Environments
Instructor: Yuchen Zhang
Email: zhangy165@newschool.edu

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Week 1 Introduction

Week 2 Building a Server

Week 3 Introduction to IoT

Week 4 Create Wireless Toy Companion + Fabrication

Week 5 Creating an Environment

Week 6 MidTerm Group Project

Week 7 MidTerm Support

Week 8 MidTerm Presentation

Week 9 Spring Break

Week 10 Final Project Kickoff

Week 11 Final Project Prototype 1

Week 12 Guest Speaker 1 + Workshop

Week 13 Final Project Prototype 2

Week 14 Guest Speaker 2 + Workshop

Week 15 Final Presentation

Week 16 Class Reflection

– interactive spaces
– immersive environments
– interdependency
– body as medium
– space as laboratory
– multiple sensory experiences

– networked interfaces
– multi-screen displays
– data structures/visualization
– hardware/software

Learning Outcome

By the end of the semester, students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate an understanding of spatial contexts as they affect interactive media relative to physical scale.
2. Expand their creative vocabulary in the design and creation of dynamic/interactive works, using new forms/processes/materials.
3. Develop a range of methods for the expression and articulation of ideas, including experimentation, information gathering, testing and refinement.
4. Articulate their thoughts, both in their own design process and in critical feedback to others.
5. Implement a final interactive project that integrates spatial or environmental themes in the class towards their own creative practice.

Assessment Criteria
– Attendance & Class Participation 10%
– Assignments 40%
– Project 1 20%
– Project 2 30%


Instructor: Yuchen Zhang
Email: zhangy165@newschool.edu
Github: chenatyuchenzhang
Class Github for resources
Classblog: Corelab 2017 Spring