Guide to Complete Self-Sustainability – Theo

“Guide to Complete Self-Sustainability” is an unreadable book, representing the impossibility and futility of a human becoming completely self-sustaining. This was inspired by Tesla, whose goal seems to be making houses, cars, and other items completely self-sustaining.



  • Long hall with room at the end, books visible
  • Room is covered completely in book shelves
  • All the shelves have the same book – GTCSS
  • Glass ceiling
  • Shelves are beautiful oak engraved shelves
  • In middle of room is a slanted oak pedestal with screen displaying # of books taken
  • Screen is like a kindle
  • When book is taken, oak, matching the bookshelf, takes its place and sensor connects to and updates the pedestal in the middle




  • Button pressed by support piece of oak slider
  • When book is removed and slider moves to take its place, button is released
  • When button is released, it tells Arduino/server
  • This information is displayed on screen on pedestal by changing # of books taken




  1. Long Hallway with room and bookshelves visible
  2. Bookshelves line room with pedestal in middle
  3. Pedestal gives info on books
  4. Some books on shelf are missing, and the shelf has filled their spot
  5. Viewer takes book, and it is instantly replaced by wood
  6. Pedestal updates instantly to reflect action




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