Week 2 – Monday

What we went through in class:
1. Different types of protocols
– https
– Socket
2. What are different programming languages?
– Assembly Languages
– Interpreted Languages
– Scripting Languages
– Compiled Languages
3. What is Node.js and how to create our own node module?
4. What is a server? How to set up a local server in our own browser.
Resources and Readings:
1. How to Learn Programming Languages
2. w3schools Javascript Tutorial
3. Tech Trends by Frog 2017

1. Write your own node.js module with a functionality of your choice. Run the module in your main.js and upload the code to Github.
3. Create a response piece to your inspirational project
2. Add a functionality of counting every time a client request to the server on your local host server. (Optional)
3. Watch Lynda Programming Foundations (optional)
Chapter 1. Internet Basics
Chapter 2. Addressing and Routing Information
Chapter 3. Web Servers



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