Three Project Inspirations – Camille

Ekene Ijeoma Wage Island Project








Ekene Ijeoma is a NYC based creative technologist who creates socially focused works using similar mediums that we do in DT. I found him initially while job hunting online, I found the link to his work and was really intrigued by his Wage Island project. The project basically shows where one can afford to live in the city  by displaying the wages and the housing available depending on the amount of money they make.

Anya Hindmarch LFW 2016


Anya Hindmarch’s presentation at LFW was especially stunning to me just due to how intriguing the actual runway was designed. I really enjoy set design and the use of lights and mirrors was very clever and clean, it is really easy to make these types of things look tacky. I personally dislike watching fashion shows, but I was engaged for the whole video just appreciating the aesthetics of the set.

Christian Larrave Sex Clay


Christian Larrave is an animator who attended RISD and I came across him when watching different animations on vimeo. I really appreciate this video because technically it is a rather simple video and there’s something very natural about the video. Furthermore, I aspire to make work similar to this because I like the idea making an uncomfortable idea funny and create a conversation about things we consider taboo in our society.



Monday Class Exercise

For the exercise last Monday me and my group chose to “hospital”, “eye movement”, and “gameplay”. We combined these three concepts by creating a concept of a sort device that allows someone who has been hospitalized to play games that track their eye movements. The “ideal”  patient (that sounds a bit twisted) would be somehow who lacks mobility in their limbs and is bed ridden. The game would provide an immersive environment that allowed patients to be focused on something not as frustrating as their current situation.


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