Three Inspirational Projects


Project 1 – Gazing Ball – Jeff Koons

I chose this project because it has been a huge inspiration for me for a few years now. Something about these blue gazing balls really makes me think about art and why I came to this school in the first place. I have used blue gazing balls a lot in my work and will continue to do so.


Project 2 – Collage Dropout – Kanye West

I love this album so much. This is one of the most iconic hiphop albums of my time, and for a good reason. Every song on this album is a hit. Every song embodies Kanye and his production style in its most pure form. While I think Kanye got even better later in his career, this album is a reminder that he is one 0f the greatest artists of our time.


Project 3 – Drinkee (music vid) – Sam Mason

I love the animation and directing style of Sam Mason. This music video shows off his skills in a very unique and eye catching way. He seamlessly integrates studio sets with animated backdrops creating a surrealist universe. His work is never grounded in reality, and neither am I.


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