James’s 3 inspirations and more!

Hola, this is my first post on WordPress ever, I’ve got to type carfully to not have typos.

For my inspirations:

Energy Generating Sidewalk

(Link – http://www.cnn.com/2011/10/13/tech/innovation/pavegen-kinetic-pavements/)

I liked this project, the slabs they put on public places in London generate power for the local public appliances like: street lamps, or phone charging stations. They absorb and transfer the kinetic energy from the pressure of the user’s step with a pressure sensor measuring the 10 millimeter level change. 

This very much is a Design and Technology environmental creative technologist project. You interact with the environment by doing what you already do, walking. No extra work is needed on the human side.

I see this project as a sustainable way (if cost effective) to gamify a simple everyday activity.111007094246-pavegen-kinetic-energy-horizontal-large-gallery


Sandy by Blink

(Link – https://vimeo.com/69021388)

This is a stop-motion animation piece I stumbled upon and look up to. I love how immersive it is, and how the story unfolds for the main character. In my practice of animation, the struggle I face currently is creating a world for my animation/stories to live in. I lack the set building skills that professional animators possess. This piece makes me feel like the camera was invited to the world on “Sandy” then after the film, the story would go on and has it’s own life beyond.




Cronzy Pen

(Link – https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cronzy-pen-over-16-million-colors-in-your-pocket-art-gadgets#/)

So I’ve changed my third inspirational piece, cause I stumbled upon a different company doing a similar product. A pen that can virtually mimic any color it scans. The other company Scribble was mostly based on scanning the color, but this company Cronzy goes a step further and their app can transmit back to the pen any of 16 million+ colors from their in=app color picker. The environmental connection both pens propose is awesome and really engaging, but I like Cronzy’s added feature of sending a color back to the pen. I’d love to have a physical pen I could send any color to it, scanned or not!

If you go to the link, their indiegogo page, they show early prototypes and the microcomputers they used to make this a reality, some blue ones looked familiar…


These projects inspire what I feel like I want to explore, some type of interaction involving the environment (physically or digitally) for physical or digital interaction. Most likely through animation, like immersive live animation!


more from that class:

We did a classroom activity on Monday…

It was interesting, we had to choose three … factors from a bunch of items to create a story in a setting where some experience was to happen for some chosen reason.

My group chose “Hospital“, “Eye Movement“. and “Gameplay” . So after some deliberation, our story was that a person who’s been hospitalized and was paralyzed from the neck down probably wasn’t having a great time just laying in bed in recovery. They’d rather be anywhere else, having the -hopefully safer- time of their life. So my group thought up creating some specialized virtual reality (VR) headset that scanned and tracked the eye movements of our patient, and displayed a game or experience that interacted according to their eyes.

We had the goal of gameplay but this could be taken further, and could create a whole new world for the patient to live in. If connected to the work Microsoft is doing with the Hololens and the virtual meetings you can have, our patient can be with family and loved ones, never having to miss out on life as they recover.

We drew that on a white board wall pretty much.



Link to my Github Repository for the class: https://github.com/ThatBerryKid/bfaDTLAB

Link to my Github: https://github.com/ThatBerryKid

Tumblr for work: http://jwberry.tumblr.com

Instagram for work: http://instagram.com/jw.berry


James W. Berry


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