My 3 Artwork Inspirations by Fisher

#1 Artist: Jordan Wolfson

Title: Colored Sculpture

Made: 2016

This piece to me reflects the current state of the United States very well this year. A giant rubber figure is suspended by massive industrial chains. This figure is nostalgic of American youth figures like Huckleberry Fin and the MAD comics. Wolfson used a randomly generated computer system to throw the rubber figure around while Percy Sledge’s When A Man Loves A Woman song blares from speakers surrounding the tortured figure. The eyes of the boy has digitally animated eyes that motion track observers of the piece making you feel his “humanity” in a surreal way.  This piece incorporates music, modern American culture, animatronics, technology, and industrial design in a beautiful and dark way I have never seen before. I saw this exhibit called Manic/Love in Amsterdam over winter break.


 Video of Work

#2 Artist: Ragnar Kjartansson

Title: The Visitors

Made: 2012

This piece consists of 9 large film screens, each displaying a different musician playing various indie folk style instruments throughout a mansion in upstate New York. This piece is my favorite work of all time. As a music producer and sound designer, this work reflects the kind of energy and visual experimentation that I hope to professionally create. Each screen has a speaker plays the individual sound from each musician, coming together to produce a musical composition. It’s beautiful and genius. love.


Video of Work


#3 Artist: Alison Schulnik

Title: Mound


This work has had a major influence on my color choice as a designer and artist. Through clay stop motion animation, Schulnik creates new worlds of stylized characters dancing to an old Frank Sinatra song. This video is inspiring to me because the music and visual components flow so seamlessly together and the original intent of the song is flipped upside down. I also respect the level of patience and filming originality that went into this piece.


Video of Work


I learned that inspiration can be endless. It was hard to chose just 3 works that I cared about because I feel inspired by a lot, not necessarily just fine art or visual pieces. For example I am listening to a producer named Mt. Marcy who makes organic sounding songs using hip-hop influence drums and recorded sounds from the world around him. I see his music as visual and am inspired to make work because of him.

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